Decarbonization and Climate Change.


Jabroyd is dedicated to combating climate change by aiding businesses in their pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions. Recognizing the global need for decarbonization, we guide you through this intricate transition, guaranteeing effective resource use and risk management.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

  • Materiality Assessment: Identifying and prioritizing the carbon-related issues that significantly affect your business operations.
  • Baseline Assessment: Establishing your current environmental impact as the starting point for your decarbonization journey.
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis: Using international standards like ISO 14064, ISO 14067, and the GHG Protocol, we measure your business's total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Climate Change Risk Assessment: Evaluating potential risks posed by climate change to your business and helping you mitigate them.
  • Net Zero Target Setting and Implementation: Assisting you in setting realistic and impactful net-zero targets and guiding their successful implementation.
  • Carbon Offsetting Mechanism: Developing effective strategies to offset unavoidable carbon emissions.
  • Decarbonizing Supply Chain: Assisting you in achieving lower emissions in your supply chain processes.
  • Impact Assessment: Monitoring and assessing the environmental and social impact of your decarbonization efforts.

With Jabroyd, move confidently toward a sustainable, low-carbon future, ensuring your business not only meets global standards but leads the way in environmental responsibility.

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