Jabroyd Vision on Green Hydrogen :

Jabroyd is heavily investing in R&D to improve AEM electrolysis technology for cost-effective green hydrogen production.

The company is pursuing strategic alliances with research bodies and industry stakeholders to advance technology and expand manufacturing.

It prioritizes system integration and cost reduction to enhance the economic competitiveness of hydrogen production.

Jabroyd plans to run pilot projects and demonstrations to prove the commercial viability of AEM technology and promotes favorable green hydrogen regulations.

The company is targeting specific markets, collaborating with potential customers for customized hydrogen solutions, and promoting continuous improvement and innovation.

To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, the clean hydrogen market capacity can grow to 170 million tons (MtH2eq) in 2030 and to 600 MtH2eq in 2050.
Renewable hydrogen is growing cost-competitive, with projected cost reductions of up to 70% by 2030.

Jabroyd Hydrogen Service Portfolio

Feasibility Study

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd has expertise in the analysis of the technical, economic, and legal feasibility of a proposed hydrogen project. This includes assessment of

  • Site conditions, availability of resources
  • Site conditions, availability of resources
  • Estimating project costs and timelines
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH)
  • LCOH mapping of competing technologies and energy sources
  • Integration of renewable energy sources with hydrogen production technologies, capacity optimization
  • Green hydrogen pricing trajectories
  • Capital investments, operating costs, and potential revenue streams
Benefit to Corporates/Government

Jabroyd enables decision-makers to make informed judgments about the hydrogen project, potentially saving significant resources when the project proves infeasible and provides reference documents on various aspects of the project.

Analysis of Electrolyzers (PEM, AEM & Solid Oxide)

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd will evaluate Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) and Solid Oxide electrolyzers, assessing efficiency, durability, and cost.

Benefit to Corporates/Government

Jabroyd generates substantial value-added insights for decision makers:

  • Addressing uncertainties inherent to various green hydrogen input parameters affecting key financial indicators.
  • Providing probability, opportunity index & confidence intervals leading to risk mitigation
  • Different options and strategies are proposed and evaluated to find the trade-offs
  • Contributes to optimal, coherent and robust decision making
  • Jabroyd helps customers to optimize output and reduce the total cost of ownership

Performance Optimization

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd will scrutinize existing hydrogen systems, identifying areas for improvement to maximize efficiency, output, and cost-effectiveness.

Benefit to Corporates/Government

Enhances overall profitability and productivity, contributing to a stronger bottom line and competitive positioning.

Project Management Consultancy (Strategic, Regulatory & Other Support)

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd will offer comprehensive project management support, including strategic planning, regulatory compliance, risk management, and operational guidance.

Benefit to Corporates/Government

Ensures smooth project operations and mitigates potential issues, saving time and resources and enhancing chances of project succes.

Evaluating Plant Options & Solutions

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)
  • Jabroyd offers specialized plant design and engineering services across the hydrogen-related system.
  • We deliver rapid mobilization and multidisciplinary engineering services for the most critical challenges.
  • Jabroyd will critically assess various plant designs and technological solutions to determine the most suitable option for a given hydrogen project, based on factors like cost, output, and environmental impact.
Benefit to Corporates/Government
  • This assessment enables the selection of the most efficient and cost-effective solution, ensuring that the project meets its intended objectives and maintains its competitive edge and operational efficiency throughout the engineering life.
  • Jabroyd helps clients to quantify sustainability, setting appropriate targets for environmental impact while ensuring their economic benefits.

Process Innovation

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd will conduct scanning of technology in any given area of the green hydrogen process chain and report the trends, and technological advancements, and identify innovations.

Benefit to Corporates/Government
  • Help to select the latest and most efficient technology and process from various complex choices and define each step.
  • Jabroyd provides the founding technical specifications from the functional and performance requirements of the client, which helps in efficiently driving the entire green hydrogen process chain.

Safety Measurement

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd will develop and implement rigorous safety protocols, conduct regular safety audits, and provide training to ensure a safe operating environment.

Benefit to Corporates/Government

Protects employees, reduces potential liabilities, and demonstrates a commitment to responsible operations, enhancing reputation among stakeholders.

Regulatory Processes & Benchmarking

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)
  • Jabroyd will assist in navigating regulatory processes and ensuring compliance with all necessary laws and regulations.
  • Additionally, it will conduct benchmarking exercises to evaluate performance against industry best practices.
Benefit to Corporates/Government

Ensures operations are meeting respective country regulations and ethics while providing insight into performance relative to industry peers for continuous improvement.

Stakeholder Training

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)
  • Jabroyd will conduct comprehensive training sessions for stakeholders, covering topics like hydrogen production processes, safety protocols, and technological advancements.
  • Jabroyd also provides high-quality training for hydrogen control room operators through simulation and digital twin tools.
Benefit to Corporates/Government
  • Increases awareness of all stakeholders, operational efficiency, and safety, reduces any chance of mishaps and strengthens stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.
  • Exposing hydrogen operators to what they will experience in their actual working place, but in an offline and risk-free environment, makes them much better equipped before they face the real challenges.

Engineering and Technology – boosting output and efficiency

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd will employ advanced engineering solutions and multidisciplinary expertise in all aspects of hydrogen production, storage, and use.

Benefit to Corporates/Government

Employing advanced technologies, Jabroyd triggers improve productivity, efficiency, and the quality of output for the customers, ensuring a competitive advantage in the market.

Manufacturing & R&D

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)
  • Jabroyd will offer tailored manufacturing solutions and conduct research and development particularly multidisciplinary areas for advancements in specific hydrogen technology.
  • Jabroyd employs game-changing digital twin technology in hydrogen technology.
Benefit to Corporates/Government
  • Help customers generate new ideas and innovations in hydrogen technology, and maintain a competitive edge in the market by keeping the process at the best in class among the industry.
  • Jabroyd can provide various ‘what if’ design and strategy scenarios, such as different rectifiers or water purification systems, different BoP design improvement ideas, and others

Jabroyd enables and provides confidence to the customers to design and test process control and operational solutions before being applied to the live hydrogen plant

  • Reduces risk when upscaling electrolyser plant
  • Helps to bring the plant online quicker and safer
  • Helps across the lifecycle of the hydrogen plant
  • Upscaling operators in a safe environment
  • Maximize operational efficiencies
  • Increased plant productivity and profitability
  • Reduce uncertainties associated with green hydrogen facility design

EPC of Specialized Facilities

Description (What Jabroyd will Do)

Jabroyd will oversee the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) of specialized green hydrogen facilities, from design and procurement to construction and commissioning.

Benefit to Corporates/Government

Provides a turnkey solution for specific green hydrogen facility construction in line with regulatory standards to deliver operational efficiency and create new profit pools, saving stakeholders time and resources in managing multiple vendors.

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