Sustainable Finance Consulting .


Jabroyd specializes in sustainable finance, assisting companies in harmonizing their financial operations with sustainability targets. From crafting sustainable financing solutions to securing sustainable funding sources, we ensure your financial activities support environmental conservation and align with your business goals.

Our key services include:

  • Green Bond Framework Structuring: We guide you in building green bond frameworks that adhere to industry norms.
  • Eligibility Assessment and Impact Evaluation: We assess your projects' eligibility for green financing and gauge their environmental and social impact.
  • Investor Engagement and Communication: We help you effectively convey your green financing initiatives to investors and stakeholders.
  • Access to Sustainable Financing Sources: We assist you in accessing a variety of sustainable financing options like impact investments, green loans, and sustainability-linked instruments.
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting: We offer continued support in tracking project performance and fulfilling reporting duties.

With Jabroyd, steer your financial activities towards sustainability, achieve your financial goals, and boost your contribution to environmental preservation.

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